Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last Minute No-Fuss Halloween Costume Ideas

Ten ideas for the last minute halloweenie.

1. Wear a camera around your neck and you're a photographer!! UPGRADE: You'll be a hit at any party if you have a giant lens and a flash and stalk people paparazzi style.
2. Roll your head on your pillow, wear an over-sized sweater, black leggings and big sunglasses and call yourself an Olsen twin.
3. Be a baby!! Make a diaper with a solid colored sheet. Run over to [insert nearest store] and buy yourself a pacifier.
4. Wrap yourself in green crepe paper (the more shades the better) and voilĂ , you're the creature from the Black Lagoon!!
5. GIRLS: Tape your mouth shut and wear a name tag that says "The perfect woman." GUYS: Sorry, the perfect man doesn't exist!! HAHAHA, just kidding.
6. "I forgot it was Halloween one year. So I took a brown paper bag, taped it to my stomach, and said I was a kangaroo." ~Sarah Michelle Gellar - BINGO!!
7. Wanna be a hippie? Wear a peasant top and draw a peace sign on your face. Guys can be hippies too!! All they need is a tie-dye shirt. Bonus points for anyone who can score an afro wig.
8. Using a red marker draw a bullseye on a piece of cardboard. Cut around the circle and tape it to your chest. Now you're the Target symbol!!
9. Suspenders, high-water pants and nerd glasses. Instant classic. Toss a calculator to your pocket for an more polished look.

10. Wear jeans and a tee shirt. When someone asks you what you are say that you're a Mac or a PC.

HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS!! If you wind up using any of these ideas send me a pic and I'll post it on my blog!! :)

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